We are a design collective

We are masters of all. call us visual magicians

We use different art forms (we call them Mashups)  to tell  stories from  multi-dimensional perspectives.

If you think that’s all gibberish, what it simply means is that we love to create art that is unique to us, our existing clients, and potential ones.  We create captivating art that speaks its own narrative, a narrative that connects deeply, one that you or people around you will appreciate for a long time.

In whatever form or shape you want the design, be it an architectural piece, a wall frame, a branded item, brand identity design, advertising campaigns, photoshoots; we are certain to make it special for you.

We are artists with skillsets in

The BIG! Picture

To live in a world where there’s no stereotype or prejudice; where everyone is inspired to become the best version of themselves.

The Mission

To create art that stimulates the mind from multiple perspectives. To engage and get conversations going

LanaBlack ethos

Transformative, Audacious, Creative, Fun, Liberal, Inspiring and Magic dust

Our Approach

  • We have a first chat with you to understand your intent and work scope
  • We send our recommendations and rates
  • You say Yes! We smile and formalize the relationship
  • You make the necessary advance and we do our thing
  • Don’t worry you’d love it! We promise!
  • Once you have been "Lana’d", please don’t forget to send our balance. (wink)

People make Brands

Ope & Tunegee are the creative engines behind LanaBlack

Who’s Ope?

He’s a wordsmith and a words-terpreter; He loves to string words together to paint a picture, 

tell a story, pass a message or simply just state the unseen obvious.

Over the years, He has helped several brands interpret their ethos and vision, 

translating their deeply felt innate thoughts into simple messages that connects with their audience. 

Whether you are a passionate person trying to start a business, 

or a startup trying to grow or a big corporate trying to reposition or establish your brand, 

Ope has worked with all types and shades, all culminating in a well-rounded individual with balanced perspectives.

He’s a critical thinker, brand strategist and sometimes a data junkie. 

So if you want to tell a compelling, engaging story about yourself or brand?

Ope is definitely your go to guy.

- Tunegee Lana

Who’s Tunegee?

I call him “the visual magician”. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, 

I think his would be worth much more. Have a simple 5 minute conversation with Tunegee

 and you’d be amazed  at how much value you’d get from his breadth of imagination and creativity.

When it comes to design, He doesn’t do the usual, 

and I don’t mean the cliché out-of-box slap-colors on-images to make it look different. 

His ability to create a multidimensional visual from a mix of very basic random things is a mystery.

As a graphic designer, He has worked on advertising campaigns over the years

to deliver stunning graphics and renderings that tell unique stories. 

His love for clean design is apparent in all his work, No ubiquitous noise! No unnecessary ambiguity!

As a trained and practicing architect, his appreciation for usable, 

innovative design is visibly significant with a portfolio spanning residential and commercial projects.

His passion for documenting, creating, and the finer details has led to him to a career in photography. 

As he pursues these passions concurrently, his work becomes an amalgamation of these skills

 and is one of the core themes of everything he creates.

- Ope Adetomiwa

Enough said. If you think this sounds like a team you’d love to work with, we will be more than glad to collaborate with you.

Drop a note within!

Let's do magic! 


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